N Blog (2011-03-07 13:00:56) – ‘KAFUUUUN’

Everyone 〃

Hello (*^ω^*)

Again, thank you for the many comments on my blog 〃

I was really happy
After this, please remember me.

Today, after a long time

I have a “Team B Performance”

Before that, I woke up early and my eyes were bright red!!  I think the cause is because I’m sick


Also, the cause is
The pollen in the air.

There’s a lot.

But I’m taking medicine to help me

Everyone, has hay fever affected you this year?

Let’s fight together!

Now it’s study time (´゜▽゜`)

I like it…

At a cafe.

Everyone, please keep at it!

It’s time for an exam.

Every day I’ll work hard. ←



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