N Blog (2011-03-08 10:27:58) – ‘Correct Answers and Comment Return ☆〃’


What did everyone answer? (`・д・´)!!

The right answers are

1 is Sato Natsuki

2 is Sato Amina

3 is Sato Sumire

Yup (*ノωノ)

We’re all Sato…

Moreover, everyone’s on

Team B ☆〃


We’re part of the Sugar MC unit!!

As a matter of fact, recently the Sugars got to come together and

work a lot…

The three of us

“So song-like”
Among other things.

“Doing such a project”
Is what we say!!

… Then we say “That’s it?” (laughs)

Sometime we want it to be implemented…

I was surprised by how many
Of you got the answers right.

You must really know the Sugars.

I’m glad!!
We do the Sugar MC.

Well now, after a long time, a comment return!

Thank you for your comments!
After a show, I go back to my house.
Nakamura Mariko-san sent me a blank e-mail.  (*ノωノ)
Nacchi is interested. (☆>∀<) Haha.

Yubi Oshi-san
It came up on my iPod!  It was amazing.
I got it as a present from my mom.

Happy birthday!  My mom’s birthday is the next day.
I hope you had a lovely birthday.

One of my fans congratulates my mom!  I will tell her that (*^ω^*)

My headphones –
I bought them at Don Quioxte.
They have very good sound (*^ω^*)
They’re very popular for AKB members
But that’s my shopping report!

VILLA hekisa-san

Good day (*ノωノ)
I sometimes hear that i look like Mariyannu.
Keep working on differentiating us!! (*ノωノ)
Nstory will continue 〃Look forward to it ☆〃

Sana Etsucho ☆-san
I got my comb from a beautician at a beauty parlor
I think one of my habits is to brush my hair with it.

(・∀・)/Hina \(・∀・) -san
You haven’t gone to a show 〃
From now, Natsuki will hope to god that you get to go.

Please (´-∀-`)
My hair is melting.

You got to come and see a theater show.  Thank you!
Did you get an okay seat?
… Then I probably saw you in Inseki no Kakuritsu
I gave you a love beam (←Is that old? (laughs)) I hope it arrived!!
It certainly did.

Such are my returns (*^ω^*)
I will return comments often.

Now today I have a radio recording.
I will keep at it!

Natsuki loves the radio〃



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