N Blog (2011-03-09 09:41:43) – ‘Good Morning〃’

Good morning!

Today I woke up early.

I have a photo shoot and have to go pretty far away.

I’m off!

My update rate is going to decrease.



What I was wearing previously.

For what!?  That’s the question that needs to be answered.

Sweater – FOREVER 21
Tights – Lumine Sock Shop
Boots – Dazzlin’

Yeah (v_v)

I bought this sweater as an XL so it could be a one-piece.

I have one big sweater.

Is it a little sexy!? (laughs)

No… It’s supposed to look like it’s for boys…

A girl is a girl…

It’s surprising to

Study as a “man”!!

The shirt I think is different for me.  ← For who?

These are the plain clothes that i work hard studying in.

It’s a miracle…

That I can wear this as a one-piece/maxi!!
A super-long dress.


It’s girl-ish
It’s boy-ish

Yes?  No?

I’m wearing it regardless. (。。;)



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