N Blog (2011-03-12 12:33:35) – ‘Hello’

This bright feeling has settled me down.
Thank you for your comments…
Watching on the television’s news programs
Has been a really shocking… and seeing everyone’s comments made me stop cryiing.

It’s funny, you might say

That I’m really


To everyone that’s not doing well…

And I got back to my home country…

That’s what I believe.

Thank you all for worrying about me.

Yesterday I had to stay indoors at the airport and had to borrow a battery charger and had to eat with unknown people.

I was then able to sense the warmth and power of people.

I went back to the hotel and saw the news. (>_<)

I went back to sleep, but wasn’t everyone nervous that night?
I was impatient to find out about the safety of returning to my house (>_<)

By the way, early yesterday morning, at eight, I went to the airport.  I waited for a few hours and I miraculously could get my ticket.  And just minutes ago I was able to return home safely.

Many people had to adapt to be saved…
Everyone’s smiling!

And I’ve not yet communicated with everyone yet.
I think I’ll restrain myself from updating this blog.

I’m safe and worried about all of you!



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