N Blog (2011-03-13 18:40:43) – ‘Fans of Everyone’

The electro-magnetic train has started to be restored.
I decided to use the telephone for a little while.
I went back on it to get my mail and update my blog.

It’s all a call to help save and conserve power.
Immediately they’re going to start planned power-outages and I had better start preparing for them.

Yesterday I told a story.
When I got to come home from the airport
The roads were unbelievably congested and I decided
To get on the train.
After 4 hours, I got home.
The elevator wouldn’t work and I had to use the stairs.
I had my trunk for the whole way
And it was hard, to be honest.

Inside my house
My cupboards’ glass doors had crashed.
It’s a miracle they hadn’t broken.
Everything in my room was scattered.

I noticed that
The gas worked.
I could use fire and have a bath….

I hurriedly got ready to go to my parents’ house
And went towards it.

Now I’ve settled down.
I was surprise that the earthquake warning on my phone stopped on my way.

Today, everything shook a few times… Is everyone okay?

From everyone that came to the handshake event

Those who came from Miyagi

Those who came from Iwate

Those who came from Fukushima

Those who came from Hakodate

And everything,
Please tell me your smiling faces are alright.
Really, I worry.
And many of you must be safe by yourselves.

What can I do there?

What can you do…



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