N Blog (2011-03-13 22:04:52) – ‘Cooperate’

What can we do…?

We’re having electricity shortages.

What can we do?

We’ll do whatever no matter how small!

I can
Call out to you on this blog by having you read it!

Heating is done for now.
I’ve stopped using electricity.
I’ve unplugged everything.

They’re small things
But if we all assemble,
It’s really helpful!

Our cooperation…

And using AKB’s power…

Everyone can help the victims!

AKB48 is just made up of members.
Always getting support from everyone for AKB48.

Everyone for AKB.

AKB’s power is

Expected to be earth-shattering!

Do your small part.
Conserve energy and water!

And please help with rescue operations.
Really, thank you for doing all of this.
Seeing everyone’s strength before my eyes touches me.
I now have to go to my maximums.  And adapt to help the rescues.  Please go for it!

Now is the time

That people cooperate with other people

And collaborate with one another!

Please tell me if there is something I can do!



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