N Blog (2011-03-23 18:59:09) – ‘Warm Chats…’

Original Entry

I went to a cafe

And had a chat with a girl from my alma mater…

“This teacher was really interesting.”

Yeah… that’s what I heard!

“Ah, I go to a really good school. I want to graduate! I want to keep going to school.”

Yeah! Make no mistake!

I talked about going to school, too!

I’m a junior. (*^ω^*)

I’m pretty happy about it!

Perhaps this year more kids will graduate… ☆〃

I don’t have any direct relations in school right now…

But somewhat soon, it’d be pleasant (^^)

When I see those kids

After a long time, they get to meet the teacher… I think!

My homeroom teacher was


They were a safe teacher… (v_v)

I… passed the Akihabara48 audition! I am a member of Akihabara48!”

The rest of our talks were about it and suddenly the teacher called to me

And was very surprised ^_^;

“Sato… please, just a minute till homeroom is over.”

Is what they said.

For the first time I was called out to in homeroom…

In a corner of the hallway

“I saw the Akihabara48 auditon. … You got in? You really got in? Seriously?”

“Yes! I’m serious (^^)”

Did that call make me want to graduate?

After graduation,

Everyone went to our homeroom classroom.

At our teacher’s podium,

The teacher said quietly,

“Now that it’s over, everyone, please use your power. Help everyone.”

Hmm (´;ω;`)

That letter made me cry… (>_<)


As a teacher, they were really easy to rely on and helped me get through school. (´゜▽゜`)

I unintentionally visited a cafe

And saw a junior of mine.

I remembered it all o(><)o

What my teacher said

Use all of your power!

For just a bit,
That was a warm chat of mine. (^_^)


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