N Blog (2011-03-26 00:28:45) – ‘After a Long Time’

Original Entry
(2011-03-26 00:28:45)

I met up with Umeda Erika-chan!

We both like Korea.

Today we enjoyed Korean cooking.

We got to have a lot of girl talk. (^O^)

That was fun.

Today I’m going to start reading the manga

Kii-chan Sensei no Jijou. (゜▽゜)
I received it from a fan.

I get into it. (*_*)

In 15 minutes, I finished one book. (*^ω^*)

Tomorrow I’ll be on the second ☆

Things like reading manga after a long time… it’s enjoyable for me!

Everyone, what are you reading? (*^ω^*)


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