N Blog (2011-03-26 14:49:32) – ‘The Second Brown-Out Recipe *〃’

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(2011-03-26 23:05:02)

Brown-Out Recipe Number Two!

The ingredients are

◇ Konnyaku noodles

◇ Chinese cabbage

◇ Welsh onion

◇ Tofu

◇ Hack-berry

◆ Soy sauce

◆ Sugar

◆ Sweet sake

◆ Sake

◆ Water

The process… (´-ω-`)

Cooking time

Start! (v_v)

First, to begin
Boil the ◆ seasonings and flavor in a sauce pot.


Cut the ◇ Ingredients.

Divide them into three or four pieces and cook them together. (●・ωヽ)

This time, just like last time, bundle them in newspaper before cooking.

Again, now you can use a hand towel to wrap them. *〃
My fans’ comments taught me this method. ☆
Also you can put them in a Styrofoam box
If you have one at home! (´;ω;`)

Wait 30 minutes

The “Fake Sukiyaki”

Is complete.

Done…? The meat… ??


Yesterday Erika and I had Samugyopasuru.

I took it out today. (´-ω-`)
I’m on a diet!! (`・д・´)

The newspaper works. (*^ω^*)

Please try this!

Thank you for doing this, despite its unusualness. (´;ω;`)


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