N Blog (2011-03-27 18:52:40) – ‘Welcome to the N Salon 2 ♪〃’

Original Entry
(2011-03-27 18:52:40)

Ding ding!


To N Salon.

AKB members have power!!
AKB members’ faces are powerful

And have energy!

Today, various members

Have come to N Salon.

Ding ding…

Here’s one…

Oh 〃
Kana (´゜▽゜`)

Kana-chan’s bob hair

Oh (`・д・´) Oh (`・д・´)
It’s gotten cute!!
Come again 〃

Who’s the next person?

Hmm… How many times have I smelled that scent…

What is that scent?

Mayonaise szuce…



Such pure * black hair ♪〃〃〃
Oh (`・д・´) Oh (`・д・´)

It’s gotten prettier.
Thank you so much.

Come again!

Ding ding ♪

Welcome (`д´)

It’s Myao-shi! (´゜▽゜`)

Recently I’ve been calling her Myao-shi.

“Shi” is Korean

For “-san” (*^ω^*)

So Myao-san is Myao-shi. (*^ω^*)


Oh (`・д・´) Oh (`・д・´)

Her hair is so smooth (☆>∀<)
Please come again!

Ah, It’s closing time…
Will there be any more guests?

Ding ding ♪


N – “Welcome!”

? – “Nothing from your salon is good.”

N – “Yes… Well then… a different salon…”

? – “Wait a minute!! !! !! !!”

“Do you have lipstick? Your salon… it is really missing something”


What a tsundere…!!

The Tsundere is


It’s unbearable,
This face she makes 〃

Oh (`・д・´) Oh (`・д・´)

Such a pretty guest.

Love-tan – “Never again am I coming to this place!! !! !! !! !! !!”

“Ah…. Come again 〃”


↑※ I made that all up.

Thank you to the many members

Who came to my salon.

Of course, the members are


The N Salon was a huge hit.


Everyone, please

Come again!


I’m completely booked! (laughs)


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