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(2011-03-29 19:11:24)

That’s right, I’m right there.

I’m in the upper left corner.

I’m holding the “T” pompoms. (´゜▽゜`)

If you live in Tokyo, please check it out.

I saw SMAP X SMAP yesterday.

Kimura Takuya said that he

Dropped eggs into a frying pan
So a little bit of the yolk would hit the fire.

And he used mayonnaise and even soy sauce on them.

He put them in a bowl together with natto.

This morning, I tried having natto with eggs together.

I put mayonnaise on the eggs and it was super good!!

On a personal note,

On the AKBAD corner with Kusanagi Tsuyoshi,

The “N-Nacchi” made me happy.

Did you notice it?


Recently, what shampoo are you using?

That was the question asked.

In my next post, I’ll reply.

I still have some more topics. (laughs)

Today I met with SDN’s Kohara Haruka-chan
By chance.
I told her that I had watched the Ai, Chuseyo PV many times.

After that, I had a quiet walk by myself and I had a fresh mood about me!!

I still have some way to go
And so I will keep polishing myself.
I have to believe in myself.

Many people
Know of Sato Natsuki and she will press on.(^^)

Fight, Natsuki! (´゜゜`)


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