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Mister (`・д・´)



It’s the first time I’ve used this one

Since I’ve began to live alone.

It’s Herbal Essences.


They’re all Herbal Essences.

After all is said and done, they just have a good smell.

They sell them inexpensively in foreign countries,
So when I’m there, I always buy some!

I shampoo.

And I use treatment…

For treatment, I smear it on.

I keep it in a little while.

And while that’s happening,

I lather up with my body scrub ☆〃
And comb my hair.

That’s how I

Shower (`・д・´)


In the end, I put in conditioner…

The point is

My shower technique’s

Order. (`・д・´)

Well then, that’s it.

And I immediately wash out the treatment.

I now have hair extensions,

So sometimes I have to definitely

Make sure they’re in place!!

It’s like a CM (`・д・´)

By Akina Minami-san ←

Now today I have a recording.

I’m excited to meet with them.

P.S. At noon, I saw “Hiru Obi” on. I got to see Morita Miiko-san on this TV show!

I talk quickly… So now I will talk



And politely!!

Usually I have to be careful!! I’ll study this way.

Lately I’ve seen some television and radio magazines… Which do you like? Which do you not like?


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