N Blog (2011-03-31 15:29:18) – ‘Taxi Talk ☆〃’

Original Entry
(2011-03-31 15:29:18)

By the way, earlier I took a taxi.

On my iPod, I watched K-Pop PVs.

I had a female driver.

She said,

“Do you like K-Pop?”

“I love it. KARA and SNSD… They have such cute music.”

Is what I said…

Ah, does she know AKB?

And I thought

“Do you know of AKB!?”

I heard,

“AKB48? Sorry, I understand. I only listen to K-Pop,”

Is what she said.

“Is that so? It’s amazing that you listen to K-Pop,”

I said.


“But I’m Korean,”

Is what she said, so

(From here it was hard to speak in Korean)

“Is that so!? I watch Korean dramas!! Everyday, they’re really enjoyable… I’ve been studying Korean really hard! So today I met up with my aunt about it,”

Is what I said.


We communicated!! (T_T)


“Huh!? You’re Korean!? Well then…!?”

“Huh!? I’m Japanese!? What do you mean!?”

Is what she said.

“I’m good at pronounciation.”

I think I started to cry there… (laughs)

From here, for a short while we spoke in Korean.
Lately every day I’ve been studying it, and I’m happy whenever I can practice it.

I will persist!!

I think…

I take my time to learn the different shapes and everything. ☆〃

Korean is hard.

I must polish

My comprehension skills of seeing the language.

I know the shapes well, but


“Must keep going for it!”

Until I’m satisfied and then I can advance to the next step!? … I think about it first.

I read comments like

“It’s a graduation ceremony!!”
“Today, I must boldly confess something!!”

Or how I spent the day
As Natsuki and later read

“Today I said I’d keep going for it in the game!!”

“My confession went well,”

And I worry about how everyone is doing.

I believe that everyone, myself included, is advancing up their staircases every day

“Together with Natsuki”

Keep at it!!

I’m the same as everyone.

I have failures, I get down, I get angry, I cry, I laugh…

Don’t forget that I’m the same. ☆

I have casual taxi conversations.
And this is important to me.

I hope I conveyed that.

So, I’ve come a long way being Nacchi. (゜д゜)

I’m sorry.

I’ve gotten better with the language.

And today, after a long time, I have a performance. I will keep at it.


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