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(2011-03-31 22:55:58)

Today, after a long time, I had a show.

I had to go to the theater with everyone early for rehearsal.

For the show, we had half of our lighting and no moving stage parts.

We must
Get our fans

Excited about the performance ourselves.

At the end we sang “Dareka no Tame ni”

And the audience sang with us.

It was really moving (゜▽゜)

Tomorrow I have a show.

I’m really happy about it.

Well, today, many members got to meet up with each other…

We did it!

“Do you know the parts? Which member is which!?”

Ah… Last time it was


As the three.

Now guess the entry members.

Do it!

Entry No. 1

Ah, it’s difficult…


Entry No. 2

As for this one, can you distinguish her?

At last!

Entry No. 3


She’s lovely (N´∀`)/`


Try for the correct answers!!

Please go for it! (☆>∀<)

Mwah (゜3゜)


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