N Blog (2011-04-01 11:45:01) – ‘The correct answer and N Salon’

Original Entry
(2011-04-01 11:45:01)


You totally got it! You must have been really confident when I propsed those questions…

You passed with no wrong answers… (`・д・´)

Here are the correct answers!!

Entry No. 1

Those that answered that it was her are right ☆

Entry No. 2


As for this… Everyone got it right. The rate of correct answers was amazing ☆〃

Entry No. 3



I think that it’s obvious that it’s Komori (laughs)

Many answers were correct.

Those that got all the answers right,


Next time…
I’ll change the three people that I use.

The degree of difficulty is going up! Right?

I’m considering it.

Today I went to the salon.
Ah… It wasn’t N Salon…

I’m getting my hair treated.


By the way, yesterday…

It was temporarily open?

After the performance…

There was a performance

In a time slip.

March 31st,
At 21:37,

N said, “Good evening…! I’ve come.”

N said, “Anyone here…”

Tap tap

N thought, “(`・д・´ド)”

? said, “Well, maybe the shop is open?”

N said, “Ah… yes! It’s open… … Who are you?”

Sparkle sparkle

Beautiful beautiful

N said, “What’s that little melody…?”

? said, “Ah!”

N said, “Su-melody!!”

That Su-melody.
Her mom said,

“Be a good girl.”

A while ago.

Surely my house is for an idol!
(Everyone in my family supports Suuchan…”


Well, Suuchan is prettier that Natsuki.

Oh (`・д・´)

Oh (`・д・´)

N said, “Thanks for coming! Come again”

Suuchan said, “Yes, I will bring my melody with.”





Was a huge success.

I got to see Suuchan.
My heart shot out.

I realized that the things I said made me sound like an unmarried mom! (laughs)

My family agrees!

By the way, this is when I opened the blog. (`д´)

Today I have a performance.

I’m excited.
Fo for it! (゜▽゜)


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