N Blog (2011-04-01 22:04:23) – ‘5th Anniversary of my Debut ☆〃’

Original Entry
(2011-04-01 22:04:23)

The performance is over!

As a matter of fact, today was

April 1st!

Is my five year anniversary of my debut!


Original Team K’s birthday!

It’s been exactly five years today since the curtain first opened for us to see our audience.

Today I remembered five years’ of performances, all piled on to each other.

And I want many more to come.

All of the original Team K members

Got lots of congratulatory e-mails.

“Some day you’ll stand out in a stage performance” is what we thought.

After the Team change,
We remembered Team K as being constant!

At that time and that place, we talked frantically about our dreams and wanted to cooperate to reach our dreams, while sharing the same stimulus.
I treasure the original Team K members!

April 1st…. I think it’s a really great day. Thank you, everyone.

The image is of the members that transfered from the original Team K to the new Team B.


We took a photo.

April 1st
Is a holiday for

Original Team K.

Those memories…

Today I stayed up (゜▽゜)← Ha.

It’s only evening! I’ll persist onward. (>u<)

With my fighting spirit,
I’ll have coffee.

Everyone, drink some coffee

Let’s stay up late together.

P.S. Today, before the show, I went to MARIS.

I had my extensions restored. I’m so thankful for them.

Have you ever seen an angel?

Today I was happy that many members praised my hair.


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