N Blog (2011-04-02 16:27:24) – ‘I made Meal A’

Original Entry
(2011-04-02 16:27:24)

Today, I made

☆ Chinese food ☆

The image is of “Meal A” ☆

Gyoza and fried rice.

I had a lot of ingredients in the fried rice!

Meat, carrots, peppers, eggs, etc.

By the way, my meal is a “Frozen Meal.”

So what?
It’s really good to make.

The gyoza’s skin is still there.
It’s natural.

Kobayashi Kana taught me how to make it.

You leave the gyoza’s skin in the pan

And it gets better (*^ω^*)

At that time, you put it in. (●・ωヽ)

And freeze it.

Don’t you know?

I’ve been yearning to make Meal A…

Now I think I’ve made it look really good. (laughs)
Cooking is fun!

Ah, Natsuki!!


I met a member ☆


Also a Team B member.

But from the second generation.

Has a nice scent.

Well (☆>∀<)

After a long time I got to enjoy myself with a fellow member.

Do you know who it is? (゜▽゜)

P.S. Today’s pollen count was high.
I used up a whole box of tissues!


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