N Blog (2011-04-03 16:34:09) – ‘Nails and my worries. ☆〃’

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(2011-04-03 316:34:09)

Good morning.

Today I had a photo shoot.

Yesterday I stayed up till midnight. It’s a trial of strength. I will go for it!

And yesterday I got my nails done. (☆>∀<)

I had salmon pink stones put on for a simple impact on my nails.

My third finger looks holographic.

After a long time, I had my nails done.

I feel better.

Now I went to Sherry La’Blanc.
Thank you!

By the way, my partner on my date

To get nails done together…

Do you know who it was?

The right answer is…


We went before the 3:00 show.

She smells good.

Amina also was an answer!!

Certainly!! !! !! !! !!

Amina smells so sweet. (laughs)

But she lost to Mariyannu.

We met at the appointment.

And we had donuts.

… (laughs)


※ By the way, before I met Mariyannu

And Natsumi

Are who I went to a cafe with.
I’m so active. (laughs)

That’s the energy I want!
There’s a difference between being 19 and 20.

Is it not there? (laughs)

And then with

We planned to link our blogs together.


It’s unusual,
Here’s a strange portrait of her


Nice (*^ω^*)

… Is that so?

On Mariyannu’s blog,

I have a picture…

I haven’t seen it yet (laughs)

Yeah… Go and see it if you’re interested. (laughs)

But as of yet, she hasn’t updated yet! (laughs)


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