N Blog (2011-04-04 16:56:38) – ‘It has gotten late. (T_T)’

Original Entry
(2011-04-04 16:56:38)

Right now I’m kind of drowsy (laughs)

Good day!

It’s Natsuki.

But yesterday the photo shoot went on and on…

The day turned to night before we ended.

I’ll give you information about the contents of the photo shoot. (*^ω^*)

Today there’s a lot of pollen.

My nose is bothering me! (laughs)

But I won’t lose to it!!!

I see that many people saw my appearance on Mariyannu’s blog.

Yeah, it’s rare. (´-ω-`)

Today I had a dream!!

Even now I remember it!

All of my eyelashes fell out

At a photo shoot!

That was my dream (`・д・´)

Is it a dream of a prophecy?! (゜▽゜)

It’s on my mind.
A dream about my eyelashes coming out… What does it mean?(´-ω-`)

Yeah. I’m changing the topic.
Before moving my blog,
I was answering questions for my question corner.

Sorry it’s gotten so late for them.

Well then. Start!

What do you think of Yukirin?

Yukirin… We sang together at the event.
I really like her voice.

What do you currently like?

Convenience store onigiri. And studying Korean.

What station do you recommend?

Futago Tamagawa Station and Tamagawa Station.
Very soon it’ll be spring, so I’ll definitely go to them. (*^ω^*) I’ll go to the riverbed of Tamagawa.

What makes you like SPEED?

Their concerts! At once I liked their concerts and their concerts made me aim at being in the world of show business.

Did you wear knee-high socks with your school uniform?

Not at all! More recently, I would wear glasses. There were rules for socks in school for students. I was stylish, I think!
Natsuki was. (laughs)

What Arashi song do you like?

Hmm… Monster and I like Kazunari Ninomiya’s rainbow song.

What athlete do you like?

For soccer, I like the goal keeper Narazaki Seigo.

For baseball, I like that valuable prince, Saito Yuki.

As for golf, I like Ishikawa Ryo.

What Disney character do you like?

Sherry May-chan and Minnie-chan are the ones I like.

I like going to Disneyland.

What ramen shop do you like?

In the center of a street in Shibuya, there’s my favorite.
Natsuki likes them all. I should go to them.

What kind of pastry do you like?

I like the soda and cola Puccho ones.

How do you wake up early?

I open up my windows to let the light make my body healthy.

What CD do you have at home?

At home I have western CDs.
I like the quiet feeling of R&B.
I like Usher and Ne-Yo.

How do you clean?

Cleaning is an event.
And, by the current status of my room, I need to do it. (laughs)
Ah…. right?

What are you interested in modeling?

Ah… I’d like to model clothes.
Models are so cute and thin… Now, I do some work and acting.

What are your thoughts on men’s nails?

I like it when men keep up with their nails. I think it’s lovely. (●・ωヽ)

That’s it! (●・ωヽ)

I’m writing some more N Story.
I will keep at it. ☆(*^ω^*)


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