N Blog (2011-04-05 13:27:41) – ‘☆ Achoo 23 ☆’

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(2011-04-05 13:27:41)





I’ve counted that I’ve sneezed 23 times.

I woke up early.


ACH23… (laughs)

That’s how I travel.

Oh, to be sneezing 23 times in a row.

Today’s been okay. (laughs)

Reinyan has a double peace sign.


In a moment, you’ll find out the significance of this. (laughs)

Reinyan with a smile on is always cute.

N-san and Harukyan!

NaHarukyan is cute.
She’s like a younger sister to me. (*^ω^*)


Today I had a performance.

It was fun!!

But today,

It was announced that

At the April 8th performance, Oku Manami will have her last Stage performance…
Honestly, it’s quite sad. (ノ_・。)

We were together for such a long time.

It’s a wonder. I’ve stood with her in performances for so long.


I’ll send her out with a smiling face!


I wonder if i’ll end up crying?

Hmm… Anyhow

Maachan better have the best last performance ever!!

Go for it!

On that day, the eigth’s performance…

Think about it
Very carfully.


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