N Blog (2011-04-05 18:41:16) – ‘Who is the criminal…? (`・д・´)’

Original Entry
(2011-04-05 18:41:16)

On April 5th…

There was a Theater no Megami performance.


The performance…

There was an event…!

“Hey… Does anyone smell something?”

“Yeah…. There’s a…. smell.”

“What is it?”

“Hey! Look around!! (`・д・´)”

“I see it…”


“Who eats natto??”


No… It’s not me!!

The investigation starts!! !! !!

One said, “Perhaps it is from a Natto Angel?”

The rest said, “It must be you…”

“Wait a moment!!”

Suu said, “Wait, I won’t eat it!”

The rest said, “Oh…”

“No, no. It can’t be mine?”

“Wait! It’s somebody’s! (>_<)” “…Please… Let me see it (>_<)”

That person

Is it the offender?!

Everyone waits…!

Who is it??

Please help me.

The answer after the performance!!

Everyone’s responses

Will come (´゜▽゜`)

Who’s natto is in the dressing room….

To be continued…!!


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