N Blog (2011-04-05 23:45:18) – ‘The criminal is… … you!!!’

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(2011-04-05 23:45:18)

Everyone there visited with someone who would eat natto…




N said, “Uh… Sorry. Yes. I am the criminal.”

Yuka said, “Hello… what’s going on Natsuki?”

N said, “Yeah… I thought it would be delicious to bring to the dressing room. Teehee.”

Mariyannu said, “Well. I saw comments on the blog… Amina answered many of them.”


Amina said, “Huh? Me? Wait. How did everyone see my responses! Wait, Nacchi!! !! !! Natto really smells”

N said, “Amina (>_<) Sorry. I’ll quickly eat my natto.”

Amina said, “Oh… fine.”

Amina said, “Is there still natto left?”

N said, “Yes!! There’s still some to eat.”

Amina said, “Fine… …”

Amina said, “Yes, yes. Let’s split it.”

Aww. How cute.

So we splitted it evenly.

I’m sorry for having smelly natto in the dressing room. (´;ω;`)


Amina gave some perfect correct answers.

Congratulations to all of those who correctly anwered N-Nacchi.

You did splendidly.


Dream of my performance. (´゜U゜`)

Go to sleep like a good kid

For my performance.

Well then, everyone

Good night


Good night!!


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