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(2011-04-06 17:24:19)

Good day.

And I hope you had a good evening. f^_^;

The picture is of what I had for lunch today.

Tuna yukhoe and bibimbab.

Yup. (*^ω^*)

Which reminds me. The day before yesterday, I had yukhoe and a rice bowl.

Bibimbab is delicious.


Yesterday I had really good natto. (laughs)

Now, after a long time, my clothes…

Yesterday’s clothes.

I was seen in them…

T-shirt – Forever 21
Jacket – Uniqlo
Jeans – Moussy
Sneakers – Vance

I like the sneakers!

Aren’t they cute? (゜▽゜)

I tied the shoelaces. ← It’s pretty.

Just a little while ago, sneakers got into fashion. I think I’m there now.

It’s a casual fashion challenge…

Recently I’ve bought some attractive clothes.

Today I bought some clothes and I’m wearing them now. (*^ω^*)


I always get clothes individually!!


Well, what did Chikano Rina wear yesterday?




How loud! (laughs)

We must understand Chikano Rina’s retreating figure.

From just seeing it you get excited. (゜▽゜)

It’s really wonderful.

I like it flashy. (Laughs)

So long…

Yesterday, I took a picture…

It’s a multi-person orientation.

I think it’s “Trendy”…

I got ready and did it again…

And we’re off! (laughs)



!! !! !! !!

Moreover, Yuutan

Is an influential person here. (laughs)

Yesterday, that face

Earned her the MVP!! (laughs)

Mariyannu is splendid.

I like the impressions of these two people.

Oh. Team B

My colleagues.

They’re great.

We have lots of fun. (゜▽゜)

Certainly you will come to meet us.


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