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(2011-04-08 18:06:29)

April 8th

Before the performance.

“Everyone’s costumes are set!”

“There… are only 15… Yuuki no Hammer costumes…”

“It’s not so simple…”

“Where is someone’s Yuuki no Hammer costume?”


Sato Natsuki thought about it.
Who has their costume…

(By the way, now I have good taste)

The search commences!

N said, “Suu-chan! Do you have your Yuuki no Hammer costume?”

Suu-chan said, “No! How many times do I have to say it? It won’t change.”

N said, “All right… fine. Komori!!”

Komori said, “I understand!”

N said, “No… we’ve yet to find it!! (laughs) With your hand out, it’s blurry. OK!”

N said, “Today, after a long time before the perfromance…”

N said, “Kitahara. One of the costumes is missing…. Do you know where it is?”

Kitahara said, “No, I don’t.”

N said, “Hmmm… this is difficult.”

Everyone said, “Yes…”


“Everyone, there it is! We have found it!!”

Everyone said, “She’s wearing the Yuuki no Hammer costume!!!”


Who has come into the room
Wearing the Yuuki no Hammer costume?

(Talk about your wild ideas…”

The right answer after the performance!!

Everyone, use your reasoning even if you make a mistake…

I look forward to your answers!

Everyone, let your searches start!


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