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(2011-04-08 22:41:39)

Yuka says, “Hey.”

Yuka says, “Well, is this fashionable? Just as always.”

Yuka says, “Also, the hardhat. It’s on.”

Everyone says, “Yuka… it’s you…”

N, Chikano, Komori, and Suuchan say, “Yuka! (-_-)”

Yuka says, “Ah! I’m sorry. I didn’t know about it.”

Mairyannu says, “By the way, Myao has been answering for many people.”

Myao says, “Me? I haven’t been walking around in the outside part of my costume. From what I can see, it’s only Yuka who is doing it.”

? says, “Just a minute.”

Everyone says, “Who is it???”

? says, “Everyone, before the performance, please ease your tension.”

Everyone says, “… Hmm?”

? says, “Well, I’ve gotten used to everyone in Team B.”

? says, “Hey.”

Miori says, “The fresh lemon has come.”

Everyone says, “Ahhh… so cute.”

“Tonight, let’s power up.”

“And be surprised about various things like what Masuda did.”

“So, let’s start powering up in the dressing room.”

“Oh, the performance has come.”

As usual… no, always,

I enjoyed the performance.

(Today I mentioned that the answer would be after the performance on my blog.)

Everyone that

Had guessed that it’d be “Yuka” (*^ω^*)


After this, please support Team B!

Nevertheless… there’s an issue.

It’s difficult!?


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