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April 8th


Takamina’s birthday.

She’s now 20

Just like Natsuki (*^ω^*)
Takamina… congratulations!


It’s Team B’s fourth anniversary.

I was first on the original Team K, but transferred to debut on Team B about a year ago.
Congratulations on your fourth anniversary!
I made many memories at this performance.
We performed “Wasshoi B!” It was fun.


It was Maachan’s last performance.
That small Maachan… a high school student… in just a blink of time.
Oh, her last Stage… Maachan… go Maachan!
Up till now, she’s been great to be with in MCs.
Really amusing!
After the encore,
She changed clothes and came back out…

I… for the first time

Cried my first “tears of cuteness.”

“Cute!” was called.

Really, I cried because she was so cute!

“I like the performing in the theater, so rather than graduating in a big concert hall, I’m glad I could be here.”

Maachan’s speech was touching.
Somehow, yesterday she said

“Nacchi, you should absolutely go to the festival.”

But what festival? I thought about it.

Distinguishing them! It’s good! So many festivals.

I promised that I would meet her there. I would always meet her.

It’s really lonely after that performance, which had all of my Team mates giving each other cheery eye contact…

Really, it was the best performance.

Suuchan’s hair is from a fairytale.

It’s a ribbon style…

N-san challenges it…
… …

I… want to… have it… someday… (laughs)

“Suuchan. Can Natsuki try it? That hair style.”

Suu said, “No no no. It’s mine.”

N said, “Oh… why?”

Suuchan said, Oh… I did it alone. We’ll have it on the same day.”

N said, “Yay….”

↑ (Sorry, it was a big deal and I will put a lot of effort intomy make up.)

Yesterday, these were my clothes.

A dress!

It’s different from my everyday style.

And so is my personality?

Oh (●・ωヽ)


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