N Blog (2011-04-10 16:32:07) – ‘It’s Interesting’

Original Entry
(2011-04-10 16:32:07)

At that moment, Sato Natsuki was worried.

N said, “Oh. Free-time!! !! !!”

N said, “Yuttan… Yuttan. Is there anything interesting?”

Yuka said, “Oh. It’s good! I understand.”

Yuka said, “Right here!!”

N said, “Hmm…”

Yuka said, “Well, is this it?”

Yuka said, “It’s sexy!?”

N said, “Hmm…”

Yuka said, “How about now?”

Yuka said, “I’m a cute girl. Aren’t I cute? Mwah.”

N said, Hmm…”

? said, “Nacchi-san!!”

Mariya said, “I trust you!! Let’s use this soccer ball!! !!”

N said, “Ahh!! !! Mariyannu!! It’s okay.”

N said, ”
That works. Ahh…. ← Escape”

Mariyannu had a scary one-liner!! !! !! !! (laughs)


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