N Blog (2011-04-11 09:30:45) – ‘”Happy New Year” Results’

Original Entry
(2011-04-11 09:30:45)

Everyone, thank you for your comments. (´;ω;`)

It’s on my mind…

The publication of the results.

Natsuki’s sister.

has been defeated. (´;ω;`)

I did better than she concerning “Happy new year.” (laughs)

Also, my sister did better.

No! But sometimes my older peers

Say my “skilli is high.”

Yeah. (´;ω;`)


It’s good.

As I promised, I got Ice cream. And what kind?


It’s… good!

But, both of us

Think we’re the best at words when together! (*^ω^*)

Everyone says we look similar.

And Natsuki

Goes to school.

Together we went to the hospital.

It was my first time in a hospital and I had to give my name and address!?


“Careful. School.” Is what they say!!

I long for it.

In fact, I love competition with her… (laughs)

Together, we were with each other in high spirits for a while.

“Well, your language?”


What!! !! !! !! !!

Perhaps in her version, she wants somone to appear.

We’re endlessly fighting.

And then. After that.

We can write hiragana.

“Can you write ‘re’ well?”

“Nacchi can write ‘yo’ well?”


Tamuro Maru!

He’s all over history.

I get to choose to see Tamuro Maru… (laughs)


No… it’s fun. O(≧∇≦)o

I’m having fun…


Are you having fun… !?

Thanks for listening to this dull and un-interesting conflict. (laughs)

Well then…

They bought ice cream.

Ahhh (´;O;`)← Manly tears.


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