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(2011-04-12 11:55:16)

Good morning.

↑ I’m really good at doing my autograph (laughs)

By the way, my autograph

Is similar to my older sister’s!!!

“I haven’t changed it my whole life!!” It must be a lot of trouble to think about changing it now.

Well then, again, I think that I will answer questions for my question corner!!!



Go (`・д・´)

Q What costume do you like from B5?
Of course my favorite from all of the songs is from my unit.
I like Ai no Stripper.
Lately I like the red!

Q How do you do your make-up!

I’ll do it slowly and take pictures. Look forward to it!

Q What do you always do without fail?

At my N Salon, I have my comb (laughs)
And I always have eye drops for my pollen allergies.

Q Now, what are you waiting for?



Here it is.
A photo with Kara’s Hara.
Somehow, all of my photos with Hara are blurry, but this is our fourth and it’s a pretty picture.

Q What are you getting lately?

Pinky rings and clothes.
Recently I’ve started to like collecting the rings.

Q What do you think about for your blog contents every time?

I think about the dressing room sequences when doing my make-up, otherwise nothing. I do think about the stories, though.

Q What have you accidentally eaten?

Edamame! When a show was over I went home and had edamame. I got the edamame I like at 7-11.

Q What do you recommend from B5?

Arashi no Yoru ni wa!! ←

No, I SUPER recommend it.

Q Who is your oshimen?

Moeno. I like her blog!
She has a nice outlook on the world. (●・ωヽ)
Fans of Natsuki should definitely support her…

Q Who is your younger sister in Team B?

Suu-chan. If we’re both part of the same family. (laughs)
No, that’s just what I think. (laughs)
We’re all kind of a family. (laughs)

Q What cooking have you triumphed over?
Especially ones with ketchup writing on them.
Yeah (*^ω^*)

Such a good feeling.

Recently, I’ve been trying to make Korean food. I like Korean thin noodles.

I’ll post the recipe.

Let me write it down!

But I’ll have to collect it

Now I’m wrapping up.

Everyone should send me simlar words.

Language from the season.




Go for it or I’ll be angry.

I’ll see it… (laughs)


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