N Blog (2011-04-12 19:23:01) – ‘Camaraman Sato Natsuki’

Original Entry
(2011-04-12 19:23:01)

N said, “Good morning. Today, as cameraman Sato Natsuki, I have the pleasure of closely following Sato Sumire. No… At any rate, these are Sumire’s normal clothes. (They really are her clothes) Wonderful.”

Sumire said, “Really!? Please remember me!”

N said, “Well then, I’ll arbitrarily take pictures this way. Not caring about the handle is how I usually take these pictures.”

Sumire said, “Well…”

N said, “Well then… I’ll take a picture.”

N said, “Ah… Sumire, stop moving.”

Sumire said, “… …”

N said, “Yeah, I’ll take it.”

N said, “Sumire. Wait a second, please. No… Sumire?”

N said, “Wait, it’s blurry again.”

N said, “(`・д・´)”

N said, “Ah… Sumire!? I get it!! At once, please stop moving.”

N said, “Sumire (@∀@)”

N said “I get it!! Sato Natsuki will make it clear. In fact, it’s hidden.”

N said, “Ah, I’ll collect it.”

N said, “Sumire!”

After that, we went after it.
Cameraman Sato Natsuki will still go for it…


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