N Blog (2011-04-16 11:37:48) – ‘A performance! And a mystery.’

Original Entry
(2011-04-16 11:37:48)

Good morning.

The pollen count is high today!!!
Natsuki has a runny nose!!!

I won’t lose (`д´)

Well, today

I had a Theater no Megami performance.

In the dressing room, when Natsuki started on make-up…

Huh…? Oh…?

Natsuki took a photo with it yesterday…

Where is it? (´-ω-`)

I was certain I put it there…

During today’s performance…
From the flow of it…

I have no doubt about it!!

Someone has it!! !! !! !! !!

N said, “Eh… everybody! Where is Natsuki’s purikura?”

Everyone said, “… ….”

N said, “I’m serious…”

And so

The search commenced!! !! !! !! !!

N said, “Ah. It’s in that girl’s hand!! !! !! Possibly…”

N said, “I’ve caught you!! !! !! !! !! Shoot!! !! !! !! !! Do you have Natsuki’s purikura? (´゜▽゜`)”

“No… I just have this receipt.”

N said, “Why would I want to look at your timing receipt!?”

N said, ” No… wait a minute?? Perhaps it’s the same as last time… (Masuda Yuka)…”

I changed. (´-ω-`)

N said, “Yuka!! !! !! !! !! Natsuki’s purikura!”

“Yuttan is now in Shanghai!! !! !! !! !!”

N said, “To look after it, I’ll fly over . (laughs)”

N said, “Hmm…”

“Ah… it must be someone from today’s Team B performance who has my purikura… (´゜▽゜)”

“Ah (´゜▽゜`) Is that right? (`д´)”

Today’s Team B members are…

Kobayashi Kana
Chikano Rina
Hijajima Natsumi
Suzuki Mariya

Hmm… 1/4….

Eh… it’s difficult… (´-ω-`)

Huh… everyone, reason with me.

The right answer is coming after the performance!! !! !!

Everyone, reason with me!


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