N Blog (2011-04-16 18:58:47) – ‘Finally, a discovery ☆〃’

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(2011-04-16 18:58:47)

By the way, I was looking for it because

I took purikura with Erika yesterday…



I found out who was holding my purikura!! !! !!

N said, “Hey…”

N said, “Nacchan!? !? !? !? !?”

Nacchan said, “I was exposed!?”

Nacchan said, “No… Will this get on N Buro? (Laughs)”

N said, “Since you’re cute, I’ll let you go. (laughs)”





Yeah (`д´)

“Oh… I saw Kobayashi Kana’s comments.” Is what was said!! (*^ω^*)”

N said, :Oh!! Are you serious it’s okay for Kana!…”

? said, “Just a minute!!”

Kana said, “What do you want, everyone?”

Kana said, “I am safe.”

I was positive it was her!! Splendid!

Such things.

After a long time, I was safe.

The second performance is over.

It was fun. (☆>∀<)

It came through

And really, thank you.

And it was splendid.

Nacchan replied to me.


For the present

I got.




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