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(2011-04-21 11:00:58)


This is what I had for breakfast.

I had a craving for it!!!

“This vegetable salad is good…”

Ah (*ノωノ)
I like vegetable salad the most out of AKB!


This morning, I wasn’t really interested in my salad. (●・ωヽ)

Is that unusual?

I put barely any tomatoes on it…

So for lunch I ate a lot of vegetable salad after I made it this morning.

I’ll reveal that to you.

This is what I wore yesterday.

It’s nice to see it.

I wore a jacket.

I look like an adult.

I said that.

Today I saw myself in that age group. (laughs)

Yesterday I was with Komori.

“What kind of movie do you want?”

She asked.

“Well, the ballerina one.”

Is what I said.


We’ll see it!!


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