N Blog (2011-04-21 15:55:38) – ‘A Little Report 〃☆’

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(2011-04-21 15:55:38)

The image is from yesterday.

Komori, and

Took it with me. (*ノωノ)

Mariyagi is like Natsuki.

She carries the same feeling as Sashihara!!

My basis is…

How she provides the comic relief I like!


I’ve read everyone’s comments about Komori!!

You told me what movie to watch! (´゜▽゜`)


Black Swan!

Perhaps! (Laughs)

Komori said, “Nacchi-san! I want to see a ballerina movie!”

N said, “What ballerina movie?”

Komori said, “What one?… The swan one! The swan one!”

N said, “Swan? Ah! Swan Lake?”

Komori said, “No!! I’ve seen Swan Lake!! !! !! !!”

N said, “Huh? Swan Lake is at the theater?”

Komori said, “Not the theater!! A movie!”

And so that was our conversation.
I saw the comments that came in!!

It’s Black Swan. (*ノωノ)
It looks like a documentary film?

Komori and I will see it together!! !! !! (laughs)
I’ve e-mailed her… full-blown plans!

I’m nervous for a few reasons…

And here’s a little report…

Lately, every morning and night

I get on the scale…

This week I weighed myself

Against last week’s number.

I lost one kilogram!!!


My muscles have increased!!!


But it’s taken some of my spirit!! (laughs)

My muscles have increased. (N´∀`)/`

After three months, I will be like Madonna!!

… Very untrue (laughs)

My body… I will be able to reach it!! I will get rid of it all!!

At once,
I’ve taken my first step!!
Some of my muscles have increased.

And for my dancing,
I’ll be able to get less fatigued.



I met with my family.

I got to meet them. (laughs)

I got a delicious dinner from


Of course it’s good!


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