N Blog (2011-04-22 20:48:43) – ‘Going afar… ☆〃’

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(2011-04-22 20:48:43)

It’s N in glasses!


Today there’s a rumor that I’m off to Futako Tamagawa.

No… That’s just how it goes. (*ノωノ)
It’s really old and unusual.

After school I used to go with some friends to the dry riverbed. ☆

So I have lots of memories of it.


… Perhaps I should be more open about it.

I’ve gotten into a mood. (*ノωノ)

Today I had a half bath. I decided to have one

To stay put.


Lately, I’ve talked a lot about “What country should I go to?”

Of course i want to go to Korea,
But I want to go far away…

I want to go to India!! !! !!

I want to go alone…
I feel like I would be helpless to my family if I went to India alone.

Or Switzerland.

Aren’t these nice and surprising countries!?

Everyone, what countries do you want to go to!? !?

Vietnam is good, too!! Or so I’ve heard.

Where should I go?


It’s on my mind.


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