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(2011-04-23 14:49:16)

I’m showing you what I am having in real time.

Natsuki is having the perfect pasta.

It’s the best tomato sauce with meat.

I got comments about

How many of you watched the Documentary of AKB48 DVD. (*ノωノ)

Many of you really watched it!!!

Today it was rainy and I had to change many of my plans. (゜▽゜)

Omatsu-chan-san was job-hunting this evening.
Go for it!!! Sending you power.

Hiraki-yon-san, good luck at your game tomorrow! Go for it.

Reon-san, now it’s your game!!!!
Heart beating… with all your power, fight!

Many people have games. (*ノωノ)

Everyone, go for it. (*ノωノ)


Had club activities.

Of course, she wanted to be a manager!! !! !!! (laughs)

“Hey, N, bring me a towel!”


“Hey, N, water!”


“Hey, N, towel!”


That’s how it went.

I always said it was a wild idea, but thank you for letting me do it. (laughs)


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