N Blog (2011-04-24 18:37:42) – ‘A Photo Shoot ☆〃’

Original Entry
(2011-04-24 18:37:42)


They’re popular poses now! (laughs)

I’ve named them.

“N Poses” (laughs)

Yeah (*ノωノ)

About that…


Everyone’s scores…

I think I’m better (゜▽゜)!
I had a photoshoot
And I talked with the staff.
“Look at my Smiley series.”
And they did.

Yay (*ノωノ)

Today I had that photo shoot! (*^ω^*)

I met with Moeno.

“I really like you.”

I accidentally let slip to her. (laughs)


I said a

“Lie.” (laughs)

“No, that’s a lie!! I really recommend you! My oshimen!”

I said.

“It’s a lie.”


Moeno-san turned around!! (laughs)

Today we had fun as the photo shoot ended. (*ノωノ)

My stomach is hungry…

What should I have for dinner…

I am in the mood for a long, hot bath.

At lunch, I had food from a bakery.
Being a baker is
A dream of mine… I think!

All the different breads… I’d be so happy. (*ノωノ)

Also, is melon bread and curry bread popular?

Nacchi likes French milk, too. (*ノωノ)
A little French bread is sweet. Put some butter on it.

Inside melon bread is some cream. (*ノωノ)

The inside of curry bread is filled with ingredients. (*ノωノ)

… Amazing!

Bread. I talk about it a lot! (laughs.)

The inside of bread is deep…

For dinner,

I can’t have bread

Yet again. (*ノωノ)


I’ll eat some meat and potato stew.


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