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(2011-04-27 23:33:18)

↑ Those are

Cold, Korean noodles!!!

I requested them.

Somehow, meat came with them!!!
The meat is amazingly delicious!

And! (*^ω^*)

Steamed shellfish ☆〃

Really, there’s quite the variety of steamed shellfish…!

This many!
Even though it’s the smallest size!!

I ate the shellfish

And they gave me a really good feeling. (laughs)


As for this,

It’s Shabu-Shabu.

It’s like it is in Japan, but
The general soy sauce flavor has been switched with a stylish chili flavor.

Shabu-Shabu with chili sauce is delicious (*ノωノ)

This is breakfast!
It’s a seafood pot.
Yummy (*ノωノ)

My mother makes it. (*ノωノ)

And it comes with some rice dishes!!

Such food…
I’m full from eating!!

… I need to do some sit-ups (laughs)

From today, I’ll persevere! (*^ω^*)

… Yup. (laughs)

Among these


Which do you like? (゜▽゜)



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