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N Blog (2011-05-30 17:05:52) – ‘I’m coming back!’
May 30, 2011

Original Entry
(2011-05-30 17:05:52)

I’m returning to Japan. (^ ^)
Sorry I wasn’t able to update at all. 。・°°・(>_<)・°°・。

I had a show in Singapore.

I got to do Dakishimeraretara. o(^▽^)o

On the stage, we used chairs! (*^^*)
Tomomi-chan and I were thinking about the chairs… It was the first time we had used them, and it was fun!

Asuka’s position was filled by Yone-chan. (^ー^)ノ

I was happy to meet the Singapore fans. ( *`ω´)

Thank you for the gifts at the handshake event. (*^^*)
Be careful! ☆

I was together at the hotel with Mariyannu.
Mariyannu’s very smart! I think so, at least!!

In the hotel room, she kept brushing her hair.
Aww. 。・°°・(>_<)・°°・。

But I was really nervous about the live set. (´・_・`)

“Mariyannu, can I use the brush?”

“You can’t hold it. (ーー;)”

“How do you use it?”

And she presented to me a


She was combing her hair with some sort of fork.

And that was that episode!!!

In our hotel room, we used a godly fork!

Furthermore, Mariyannu really liked that idea of it being

Thank you Mariyannu.
You’re a genious. (N´∀`)/`へ


See you tomorrow. I’ll keep at it! (゜▽゜)

I’ll sleep for a bit.

N Blog (2011-05-28 21:09:23) – ‘We’ve arrived!’
May 28, 2011

Original Entry
(2011-05-28 21:09:23)

We’ve arrived in Singapore! (*ノωノ)

My neighbor on the airplane has been on my mind… …

It was Yuka. (laughs)

We were off. (`・д・´) (laughs)


My roommate is


I had to congratulate myself. (☆>∀<)

Arriving in Singapore, the fans were yelling

"Yuuppai!" with their boards… (laughs)

"Yuupai is in Singapore"
Is the story. (laughs)

Now it's rehearsal. (*ノωノ)

I'm off! (^O^)/

N Blog (2011-05-27 14:47:33) – ‘Being Patient’
May 27, 2011

Original Entry
(2011-05-27 14:47:33)

After all yesterday,

The kiss prank

I watched YouTube


After this, I look forward to it. (laughs)


Myao’s borrowing the DVD!! (laughs)

She’ll see!

“Boku no kanojo wa Kyuubi Kitsune” is what it is.
It’s a good drama. (´・H・)

I really liked it. (*ノωノ)


Tomorrow I’m going to Singapore!



Everyone, Natsuki didn’t forget. (laughs) (laughs) (laughs)

I’m waiting like a good child.

As it’s customary…

It isn’t customary.

It’s the first time I’ve went. (laughs)

On a plane. (laughs)

Tomorrow on the plane…

Who should I sit next to??

(´・H・) I already know!


Guess in Natsuki’s quiz!

Hmmm… (´・H・)

Kana, Mariya, or Yuka…

Which of them… (laughs)


I might sit with them in that order.

↑ That’s the liklihood. (laughs)

Mariyannu! (laughs)

Everyone, who do you think? (゜▽゜)

Who? Who? (*ノωノ)

N Blog (2011-05-26 18:59:18) – ‘My body is changing!’
May 26, 2011

Original Entry
(2011-05-26 18:59:18)

Thank you for the warm comments

Tonight. (゜▽゜)

I’ll keep at it!

Today, I went to different places.

Finally I could go to the gym!! !!

I still have a while before i’m fit enough for DUMP SHOW!

It has caught my spirit! (laughs)

My body is changing!!
I’m getting muscles.

Moreover, exercise is fun…
Now I can move better…

Ah… Usually my running is slow, my catching is bad, as are jumping and kicking… I’ve always had slow reflexes. (laughs)

Exercising at the gym??
I’m doing push-ups and sit-ups. Movements I love!

I’ll go for it!!

It’s overwhelming.
Yesterday, I saw god. (*ノωノ)

That’s actually a lie. (☆>∀<) (laughs)

What did I see as god?




She is so stylish for performance. (laughs)

At the recording, we did a fake kiss.

My heart’s beating.

N Blog (2011-05-25 22:05:04) – ‘Saishuu Beru ga Naru Performance’
May 25, 2011

Original Entry
(2011-05-25 22:05:04)

The Saishuu Beru ga Naru performance is over.

Today, I sweat a lot.

It started with “Mammoth” as the perfect Team K style.

And later “Sasae” moved me.

Today I’m

Wearing a rare side ponytail. (*ノωノ)

When the performance was over, I untied my hair…


It looks good!

What’s it look like? (laughs)

I’d say that it’s like my hair for “Area K” (laughs)

Today my shampoo must have worked. (laughs)

And today was the first showing of the votes for the senbatsu general election. I was scaed.

First place was Yuko!!

Amazing. (`・д・´)

On June 6th, the drama will continue!

Today, I’m afraid I didn’t place… I won’t lose focus. I won’t be sad and I’ll face forward!

I’m sorry for my humble language!

Anyhow, I’ll keep at it!!

N Blog (2011-05-24 22:03:43) – ‘Saka Agari Performance ☆〃’
May 24, 2011

Original Entry
(2011-05-24 22:03:43)

The Saka Agari performance is over! (゜▽゜)

It was sure fun!

I was happy to sweat a lot. ☆〃

I got to do the Saka Agari performance!

“The Play”

Today was the Revival
So the subjects were special.

It was made as though it was eight years later…

I was made to be an announcer. (laughs)
Noro-san and Ohori-san were
Made to be in SDN still… (laughs)
Yuko was AKB’s top-ranking member in the election at age 31…

Sae and Sayaka got married… (laughs)
Amusing!! !! !!

I remembered that I really enjoyed these skits.

And I look forward to another…


I love that unit.

Tomomi, Asuka, and I made up the three-person unit with a lovely song, dance, and costume.

It seems like it’s only been a blink of time!

Tomorrow is a reset to the 4th Stage!

Switching to the 4th Stage!

I’ll lie down for tomorrow.

I have to sleep. (laughs)

I’ll see everyone’s lovely faces in the seats…

I love you all.

Good night!

N Blog (2011-05-24 17:56:10) – ‘Finally!!’
May 24, 2011

Original Entry
(2011-05-24 17:56:10)


The Saka Agari performance will begin! (゜▽゜)

I’m nervous…

I will put in my fighting spirit! (☆>∀<)


It'll be fun! (^^)!

It's coming. It's coming this way…

Please support me (laughs)

Now the members and staff are having a meeting. (゜▽゜)

On to Saka Agari…

That's what's happening!!!

Understand at all? (laughs)

N Blog (2011-05-23 13:23:54) – ‘English Conversation Test’
May 23, 2011

Original Entry
(2011-05-23 13:23:54)

Now it’s over.


It’s over!!! !!!

I’m always nervous until it’s over and skip from a dark mood to a happy, relieved one when I’m released. (Laughs)

So, I’m happy to report

I’m done writing it. (laughs)

Every time I’m done with an English conversation test,
I write about it… (laughs)

Allow me.

Suddenly, my English conversation instructor said,

“Toubutoujou line and the Kawagoe line.”

I like them.

N Blog (2011-05-22 17:22:11) – ‘Pegopa-Level Diagnosis ☆〃’
May 22, 2011

Original Entry
(2011-05-22 17:22:11)

Some time ago, I ate “Sundubuchike”

With my sister.

That’s the picture…
It’s really delicious…

Instead of ‘delicious,’ I should say

It’s truly tasty….

It’s difficult to eat too much since it’s filling.

“My stomach is full”

In Korean is


That’s why that image is a
Pegopa-Level Diagnosis!!!

● Ahh… My stomach is full… It’s so good…

→ Pegopa Level A

● It’s delicious…

→ Pegopa Level B

● Now I’m full…

→ Pegopa Level C

Yeah!! !! !!
Everyone, what level are you? (゜▽゜)

Right now, I’m Pegopa Level A… (laughs)
Is that okay for me? (laughs)

N Blog (2011-05-21 21:10:26) – ‘The performance is over. ☆〃’
May 21, 2011

Original Entry
(2011-05-21 21:10:26)

Hey (*ノωノ)

Thank you! The second performance is over.

Today was

Kana’s birthday celebration1

Congrats, Kana.

Her mom’s letter was read…

I was moved! (゜▽゜)

And today,

Shihorin has been promoted to Team B!! !! !! !! !! !! !! !! !!

She was put into the New Team B originally, and has been born again into Team B!

Everyone, after this, please support Team B!

Today I went home to cook something delicious. (N´∀`)/`

What did I eat!?


I always make my own food. Cooking!! !! !!


Now I’ll take a bath! ( ^^)Y☆Y(^^ )