N Blog (2011-04-30 13:29:45) – ‘Go Kyoto!!!!’

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(2011-04-30 13:29:45)


Yokoyama-chan = Kyoto!

I’m off to Kyoto!!!

It’s my first time in Kyoto.

I cut my hair
After the performance yestereday.
Look at my set hair!!!

Do you like it!?

I get really excited by things like Bullet Trains

Is it Golden Week? (`・д・´)

I can’t believe I forgot (laughs)

I really like to have
Plans to go somewhere for Golden Week. (*ノωノ)

But my mother and sister can go!!!

It all appears nicely.

As an individual,

I’ll have fun showing up. (*ノωノ)


I had fun at the show. (*ノωノ)

Yesterday was Mariyannu’s 20th birthday.

Now, on the current Team B,
The 20-year-olds are


In two months…

I’ll be 21!!

For the first time, I’ll be over 21. (*ノωノ)


Speaking of being 20-years-old!!

Just 10 years ago,

I was 10 at the time, by the way,

We planned to bury a time capsule in elementary school.

10 years later, I would write a postcard.

That’s what I did before!!



What did I see? (laughs)

I’m embarrassed…


That’s it.


This is me 10 years ago.
I’m sorry! I did not become fluent in English!
I didn’t study abroad! Sorry.

But I remembered my postcard!
Do you know what I wrote on it?
As a matter of fact, I drew a picture of SPEED!
In class, what did Natsuki do? I always listened to SPEED. I’m ashamed. I said it was my dream
To become SPEED! That was my mood.
I wrote it and drew a picture.
Really, I remember. (@_@)

So, I auditioned for AKB and kind of got into something for SPEED.

10 years later, I can say I’ve done well. I think I have. (*ノωノ)

I’m surprised that

At 10 years old, I considered studying language. (Laughs)

Yeah. It’s good.
I do it differently and
Now am seriously studying Korean. (*ノωノ)


That postcard really cheered me up!!


Today it’s Kyoto. (*ノωノ)

I’ll see you later.

Please have a lovely day. (*ノωノ)


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