N Blog (2011-05-05 13:40:17) – ‘I like Suuchan!’

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(2011-05-05 13:40:17)

After a long time, I wore glasses. (*ノωノ)


Do they match me?

Yesterday we had two performances.

It was Chikarina’s birthday celebration. (*ノωノ)

It’s the first time we’ve had two birthday celebrations
In one day.

There was a nice happy mood.

Congrats, Chikarina!

Well, in yesterday’s MC,

I talked about before the performance.

Rarely, I hear

My cell phone ring… !!

I saw the reception box

And the folder was named
“AKB Members”


I opened it.

It’s from Suuchan!!

“I want to meet you soon, Nacchi”


All of that.

“I would die without you”

I replied.

Yesterday I met her and she was super cute.

Thank you, Suuchan.

In the middle of our break, we all ate takoyaki…

As friends, we all chatted.

That was for our lunch.

Today has been really lovely. (*ノωノ)

Natsuki has gotten to eat a lot.

Everyone, what did you have?

Ah, going to Korea.


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