N Blog (2011-05-09 11:32:48) – ‘NEW ☆ Nails 〃♪’

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(2011-05-09 11:32:48)


I had my nails done. (*ノωノ)
They’re my feelings right now. ☆

My hands have white

With glittering stones on them.

My feet are covered and showy.

My nails make my tension rise.
Etowaru-san did them for me.

Well, yesterday

Was Mother’s Day.

Everyone, did you do something?

With my older sister, I

Got her flowers as a surprise.

They were her gift!!!

I had them home-delivered

And my mom was surprised! (laughs)

They reached her. She sent an e-mail about it.

I was relieved.

And she sent me a photo of them.


Don’t they look nice!?

They came with a wine cork.

I had no choice. The two of us made a quick decision.

I’m worried about my mom’s body and her eating well.
But my mom’s friends are closeby.

After this,

I will properly thank her.

Mother’s Day is lovely.


Before I post this entry,

About “Poppo”!!! !! !!


Many people said,

“I liked your post on Poppo.”

It’s Natsuki’s Poppo face. (laughs)

Yesterday, many people saw it. (laughs)

By the way!!

What about Poppo?

Is it good?

Is it?

Should I do the Poppo expression?


It’s like a kissing face!

Ah (`・д・´)

What should I say about it !! !! !! !! ? (laughs)

My “Poppo” chat is over. (laughs)


Writing the hiragana is fun. (laughs)


Isn’t it cute? Poppo.


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