N Blog (2011-05-16 22:13:50) – ‘The Start of Dump Show ☆〃’

Original Entry
(2011-05-16 22:13:50)

This evening,

It’s Nacchi (*ノωノ)

We did a photo shoot for the poster for DUMP SHOW.

The image is with Shiichan, and she’s really thin!!

I will keep at it!!! ← (laughs)

Up till today,

I hadn’t had a picture in this make-up and costume.
As you can see… it’s deep. (´-ω-`)

I’m nervous.

But it’s super fun!!

We had our first practice…

It was lots of fun.
Now I know what it’s about, and Nacchi will keep at it.

Today, these are my clothes.

Today I had a make-up artist and I took a picture.
I had foundation and
The make-up artist likes Korea…

I think!
No… In the combination, the single word Korea came up, I think…

It was bold,

But I asked,

“Do you like Korea?”

I pinpointed it!! !! !! !! !!


I can’t believe I heard it…

I think
I said to the artist…

“Huh!? I really like it!! Perhaps you’re studying the language?”


It was a miracle conversation!

I asked the make-up artist if they studied it.

We talked about my trip to Korea and dramas…

I was surprised by the chance!! !!

I’m happy.

Tomorrow, I will fight.

Thanks for today.
Everyone, I’m going to lie down now.


Can I sleep??


Natsuki will.

Muah. (´3`)

Lots of support!

Sweet Dreams…


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