N Blog (2011-05-18 22:25:03) – ‘Idol-ish ☆〃’

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(2011-05-18 22:25:03)

I’m taking off.

My rehearsals
Are done!! !! !! !! !! !!

I persevered (lll>Å<)・゜・〃

Today was the day of DiVA's debut!

I was with DiVA's Yuka.

N said, "How will you remember you debut CD?"

Yuka said, "Good."

N said, "Well then! Good."

How nice.

N said, “Ah… What kind of nuance do you have? Can you make a nice pose?”

Yuka said, “Only this one.”

N said, “Do it.”

N said, “Just a minute, I was too far away.”

Yuka said, “Realy!? !! Here you go!! !! !! Is this better?”

N said, “Hmm… I wonder how this is!? It seems very idol-ish?”

Yuka said, “Ah. Idol-ish!! That’s good!! !! !! !! !!! !! ”

N said, “Well then, I’m taking another. Say ‘cheese!'”

Hmmm… At last I have the picture of Yuka that I wanted! (laughs)

Taking pictures of Yuka

Was good with a focus on “Idol-ish”

It’s Yuka’s field of expertise (laughs)

Yeah (*ノωノ)

That’s what it is.

I’m leaving. But it was good to sweat a lot.

Tomorrow I have a photo shoot and lessons. Look forward to my update! (*ノωノ)

… Perhaps I will send something.

I have to go quickly…

Good night, everyone. (*ノωノ) Get to sleep.

Good night.

From Nacchi.


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