N Blog (2011-05-20 19:51:54) – ‘Buchimgae Buchimgae’

Original Entry
(2011-05-20 19:51:54)

I went to the gym. (*ノωノ)

And I exercised.

For the production
DUMP SHOW, I have to persevere with all of my strength.

Today, I thought about
How much I like working out. (゜▽゜) It’s super-fun!

Tomorrow I’ll enjoy my performance.

Will you come and see it??(*ノωノ)

Look forward to it! ☆〃

Today I didn’t study well.

I’ll keep at it!

Did everyone eat well?

Today, Natsuki had

Buchimgae (゜▽゜)


Has anyone had them??

Any buchimgae eaters?

Buchimgae eaters are…

Tomorrow it’ll be a good thing (laughs)

That’s… the idea… (laughs)


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