N Blog (2011-05-24 22:03:43) – ‘Saka Agari Performance ☆〃’

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(2011-05-24 22:03:43)

The Saka Agari performance is over! (゜▽゜)

It was sure fun!

I was happy to sweat a lot. ☆〃

I got to do the Saka Agari performance!

“The Play”

Today was the Revival
So the subjects were special.

It was made as though it was eight years later…

I was made to be an announcer. (laughs)
Noro-san and Ohori-san were
Made to be in SDN still… (laughs)
Yuko was AKB’s top-ranking member in the election at age 31…

Sae and Sayaka got married… (laughs)
Amusing!! !! !!

I remembered that I really enjoyed these skits.

And I look forward to another…


I love that unit.

Tomomi, Asuka, and I made up the three-person unit with a lovely song, dance, and costume.

It seems like it’s only been a blink of time!

Tomorrow is a reset to the 4th Stage!

Switching to the 4th Stage!

I’ll lie down for tomorrow.

I have to sleep. (laughs)

I’ll see everyone’s lovely faces in the seats…

I love you all.

Good night!


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