N Blog (2011-05-26 18:59:18) – ‘My body is changing!’

Original Entry
(2011-05-26 18:59:18)

Thank you for the warm comments

Tonight. (゜▽゜)

I’ll keep at it!

Today, I went to different places.

Finally I could go to the gym!! !!

I still have a while before i’m fit enough for DUMP SHOW!

It has caught my spirit! (laughs)

My body is changing!!
I’m getting muscles.

Moreover, exercise is fun…
Now I can move better…

Ah… Usually my running is slow, my catching is bad, as are jumping and kicking… I’ve always had slow reflexes. (laughs)

Exercising at the gym??
I’m doing push-ups and sit-ups. Movements I love!

I’ll go for it!!

It’s overwhelming.
Yesterday, I saw god. (*ノωノ)

That’s actually a lie. (☆>∀<) (laughs)

What did I see as god?




She is so stylish for performance. (laughs)

At the recording, we did a fake kiss.

My heart’s beating.


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