N Blog (2011-05-27 14:47:33) – ‘Being Patient’

Original Entry
(2011-05-27 14:47:33)

After all yesterday,

The kiss prank

I watched YouTube


After this, I look forward to it. (laughs)


Myao’s borrowing the DVD!! (laughs)

She’ll see!

“Boku no kanojo wa Kyuubi Kitsune” is what it is.
It’s a good drama. (´・H・)

I really liked it. (*ノωノ)


Tomorrow I’m going to Singapore!



Everyone, Natsuki didn’t forget. (laughs) (laughs) (laughs)

I’m waiting like a good child.

As it’s customary…

It isn’t customary.

It’s the first time I’ve went. (laughs)

On a plane. (laughs)

Tomorrow on the plane…

Who should I sit next to??

(´・H・) I already know!


Guess in Natsuki’s quiz!

Hmmm… (´・H・)

Kana, Mariya, or Yuka…

Which of them… (laughs)


I might sit with them in that order.

↑ That’s the liklihood. (laughs)

Mariyannu! (laughs)

Everyone, who do you think? (゜▽゜)

Who? Who? (*ノωノ)


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