N Blog (2011-06-01 15:25:50) – ‘I am 165 cm.’

Original Entry
(2011-06-01 15:25:50)

Good day *ノωノ)

Yesterday I had a photo shoot.

After a long time at a photo shoot,

I got to meet Kurumi-chan…

She’s grown in a big way. (laughs)
More growth!!

Since we hadn’t met in a long time, it makes sense our bodies would have grown. (゜▽゜)

Did I stop?
But now I’m 165 cm.

160 cm was fine. (laughs)

Did I grow a little!?

But when I got into AKB I was

158 cm, the same height as Yuka and we were


That’s what we said.
160 cm is good. (laughs)

At the handshake event, the number 1 thing that fans said was,

“You’re surprisingly tall!”

Yup (laughs)

After this,

I will make use of being surprisingly tall!

My stomach is hungry for lunch. (*ノωノ)

What to eat!!

I’m going with my older sister (☆>∀<)

As of now,

We haven't met in a while.

My heart's beating!


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