N Blog (2011-06-06 16:34:53) – ‘Another Comment Return! ☆〃’

Original Entry
(2011-06-06 16:34:53)

My English conversation test is done!


I’m in a skipping mood. (laughs) (laughs)


Yesterday’s new hair

Seems to be popular.
Thanks, everyone.

After a long time,

A comment return!

From me. (*^ω^*)


Yes. (*ノωノ) Asuka calls me “Nachikeru”

I call her “Asukeru” in return.
Nachikeru and Asukeru fit. (laughs)
Nacchi, N, N-Nacchi, and Nachikeru. I have many nicknames.

Fukuoka no Shougo-san

Thank you for always commenting and your letters!
Do you think it’s cute??
I think it is. I’m happy. (*ノωノ) I still have a ways to go, but I will keep at it!

Ahh (lll>Å<)・゜・
You lost your commuter pass??
If I lost mine,
I'd pay the daily price till
Someone met me after talking on the telephone to meet them.
Saitama has Tochinogo and Chiba? Those are somewhere. (laughs)
At times I go there to look at memories.
I hope someone finds your pass and delivers it to you!

Princess Natsuki Oshi Ryo-san

Good day (*ノωノ)
Did you hear about Amina and Natsuki? (゜▽゜) What did you think? It's on my mind. (laughs)
On July second, enjoy the handshake event. (*ノωノ)
You'll certainly have to tell me your Korean story. I will study for it!

Ayanon o(^-^)o -san

You saw Natsuki on Kana's blog!!
It was that story. (laughs)
As a matter of fact, it was for Yuuki no Hammer that she was on standby. (laughs)
Once Kana made the mistake of thinking with Natsuki that Mariyannu was a Research Student… (laughs)
Now we're neighbors.
"Kana… what are you thinking?" (laughs)


Is it okay to be sore? (laughs)
Today I'm really sore. Should I become accustomed to it??
Going to the gym makes me more sore… It's definitely good for my performances.
You should come, Taki-san. (*ノωノ)

There it is.

I'll do it again soon. ☆(*ノωノ)

As always, thanks for your comments, everyone.

Sometime… I will return all of the comments! I'm planning it now. (laughs)


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